“Laughter is the same for the soul as oxygen is for the lungs.“

Hello, dear readers,

the quote from Louis de Funés, I think, hits quite well what I want to write about and is consistent with Covid 19, the lung disease that keeps us all in suspense, because the Corona-time goes on. In the course of this, I would like to share a few observations with you, which I have made in the last weeks.

In Germany we still go outdoors and are allowed to do sports outside, as long as we follow the imposed rules, like keeping the distance of about 2 meters, not more than 2 people together (except for families etc.).

Looking grim is not a Corona rule

But when I ride my bike to our office (where currently only my life partner and I are), it feels as if friendliness and smiles are gone from our everyday lives. Many people are on the road quite early in the morning now. Many have either holidays, short-time work or have to keep the children busy. Even worse – they have to go shopping. Sure, all this is not exactly pure fun and actually, quite annoying. And yes, maybe you go crazy and scream a little bit at home. But my Goodness, these are completely normal emotions in such a situation! Walking around with a face that corresponds to at least one month of rainy weather is NO OPTION! Many people jog nowadays, but you get the impression that it is an endless torture for them. Most of them are already looking very dogged.

I have had to master many difficult situations in my life, but I have always tried to keep my humor and joy of life. Because if you don’t have that anymore – then you might as well give yourself the bullet. My mother’s favourite saying at this point: Fun is a must, otherwise nobody will go to the funeral!

Donate a smile!

And right now, I would like to take up the cudgels for our older generation. Not all of them, but a lot of them are quite relaxed and assess the whole situation with a little more composure but at the same time with realism. They especially know that going crazy doesn’t help and bad mood doesn’t help at all. I usually get a friendly ‘Good morning’ with a wonderful smile in the morning, when older walkers meet me. And you know what? Something is then happening to me. I feel it right away. As soon as I pull a face and smile, the impulse is immediately sent into my body, that I am happy and grateful for everything I have achieved so far, where I live, that I work and much more.


I ENJOY EVERY NEW DAY! I enjoy the sun and the rain. I enjoy the chirping of birds and I enjoy the squirrels running up and down the trees with others like crazy. I enjoy my health. I am thankful, that I can feel safe, that I am taken care of. I enjoy the time with my loved one, with whom I am also allowed to work. I am enormously grateful that the care of my parents was many years ago and that I am not in the situation like many others, some of whom are completely helpless at the moment. I know that when there is shadow there is always light and where there is darkness the sun will shine again sometime.

I am grateful for….

I could continue the list endlessly and the more I write, the better I feel. Just give it a try and take at least 5 or 10 minutes of your time every day just for yourself and draw your attention to the good things you have in life or what was so wonderful on that particular day. Enjoy the emotions and above all – smile! And if nobody smiles with you – look at yourself in the mirror and smile at you, and then many others will smile back.

In this sense stay healthy and enjoy the little things in life, then the big ones will come after you unasked.

Your Waltraud